Russian brides
Russian brides

Russian brides are hot, loyal and traditional

How To Conquer The Hearts Of Best Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian mail order brides are one of the most desired in the world. Their unique appearance and fascinating character make them amazing wives, girlfriends and partners. As much as you want to be with a Russian mail order bride, it is still hard to get her.

The definition of Russian brides often also includes girls from other Eastern European countries, even though these are different nationalities and, consequently, women from there have a different appearance. Moreover, even mail order brides from Russia vary from an Slavic to an Asian look. Perhaps, that is what makes them so special – you can find a woman on everyone’s taste from Russia.

The fastest way to meet an Eastern European bride is through mail order bride dating. There are several websites that offer catalogues of stunning Russian wives, both smart and attractive, caring and loving, passionate and hot.

What is so special about these brides? How to date them and what do they expect in relationships from you? Here is the revealing truth about Russian wives and their temper.

Russian girl

Why Russian woman is so desired

Russian wives seem perfect. They are intelligent, fit and good-looking. They always have their opinion and are not afraid to say it out loud. They might lack some tact comparing to the Western girls, but in turn, they are honest and faithful as well as traditional.

Russian history is full of suffering and torment of the people. Sometimes it feels that the knowledge of the previous events that happened in the country pass on to the new generation in the genes. Thus, local mail order brides know the price of everything since early childhood: the cost of money, love and, most importantly, what they are worth.

Russian girls attract foreign men because they know exactly what they want and how to get it. Therefore, they value all the fantastic things that there are in life: meaningful relationships, financial stability, support and care. In other words, Russian wives are not spoilt.

They are good-looking

Even though, you don’t judge the book by its cover, but we have to admit it – Russian women are gorgeous. They often look younger than their actual age is. Also, they are fit and sporty. A healthy lifestyle has become quite widespread in recent years, so you will often see your girlfriend going to the gym and eating avocado with smoothies.

Russian woman

In the local culture, looking good is vital. People always think about what to wear outside, even if you are going out for ten minutes. Those women who can afford it go shopping regularly to upgrade the wardrobe. They will look in the mirror until they are sure that they are looking great. Also, girls often apply makeup in the daytime and anti-ageing creams in the evenings to be stunning.

But apart from clothes and makeup, the most important common thing that Russian wives share is natural beauty. There is no one description of the typical features women have because a lot of them come from mixed families. But that is what makes them unique and desired. You can find a blond girl with blue eyes or a dark-haired lady with brown eyes. Russian girls can be short or tall, look Eastern-European, Caucasian or Asian. Whatever is your expectation of the appearance of a Russian lady, you are definitely going to find it.

They are good in marriage

Coming from a traditional society, Russian women dream of marriage from a young age. It is common to start a family at the age of 25 years old. At this time young people usually have jobs and rent a flat together.

But it’s not only their desire to start a family makes them good wives. These ladies also have particular traits, and they make them stand out from the other brides.

They are caring and sentimental

They get a lot of knowledge about marriage from their parents. They grasp the examples they had in a family and try to imply it in their lives. Thus, it’s common in Russian families to have big family gatherings, where relatives and friends all come together. Women cook lots of delicious food for the guests and treat them generously. It is considered rude not to finish everything you have in your plate.

Russian perfect girl

Such an approach develops some particular characteristics in Russian girls, such as generosity, kindness and care. They treat everyone as their close friend and value relationships that they have. With Russian girls, you surely will live an exciting life.

They are great cooks and housewives

Yet again in Russian society, it is common that women have to take care of the house. However, this tradition is shifting, and the young generation doesn’t want to contribute their lives to being housewives only. But still, Russian wives share great skills in looking after their home. They know everything about cleaning and cooking and do it exceptionally well. But still, if you want to live happily with your wife, don’t let her take care of everything. Share responsibilities and give her time for relaxation.

Mail order brides are intelligent and ambitious

Another fascinating trait of ladies from Russia is their desire for knowledge and self-realisation. Sometimes it seems that these ladies have superpowers. Often you will see women that have children, lead an active social life, and get high results in career, all at once. They manage to bring up kids thirsty for knowledge and give them everything they need for a happy childhood.

Education plays an essential role in society, especially for people who live in rural areas, because getting a degree is one of the few chances to move to the city. Consequently, life in town is much preferable as ladies get more opportunities there. Therefore a lot of women struggle to get an education and start a career first to find realisation in life. These ambitious desires attract foreign men because they get an equal partner.

Russian brides are independent

A lot of modern young women in Russia start earning money from the first years at the university, and till the end of the studies, they already have working experience and decent salaries. Therefore, a lot of brides rely exclusively on themselves and become independent. They seek foreign husbands for love rather than for money.

Russian woman

Why men want to date Russian mail order brides?

Most men that turn to mail order bride dating seek wives that share traditional values. In other words, they want to marry women for whom the responsibility of taking care of kids is not scary, but exciting; and who wouldn’t sit around doing nothing, but instead look after the house or find the job for themselves. That is precisely what Russian ladies do.

They are great mothers

Russian approach to bringing up children might seem harsh for the Westerners, but it is working. In society, it is common to bring up kids in quite a strict environment. Perhaps, that is how children learn that everything has a price and value.

Nevertheless, Russian wives are attentive and caring. They love kids so much that they give everything possible to them. This includes giving children to the best school in town, signing up for various after-class activities, instil love to reading and music. Russian mothers try to be older wise friends for their children and show them the right way in life.

Russian mail order wives are smart

You will always find topics to discuss with your wife. Russian women are curious and intelligent, and therefore they can contribute to any conversation you have. They also become great companions and equal partners.

Russian girls are loyal

Loyalty and faithfulness are the core characteristics of women from Russia. Once you conquered the heart of beauty, you will become the centre of her life. Russian women remain passionate and loving in relationships, sparking the fire of love for years.

Yet another fantastic trait that draws men to beautiful brides is their ability to forgive. They might get annoyed with you and start a fight, but as soon as you discuss all points of view that lead to conflict, she will be ready to forgive you. Perhaps, this ability is what helps the marriage last till the end of the world.

Russian girl dreaming

What do Russian women like in foreign husbands?

Women similarly to men expect their partners to be responsible, loyal and caring. Understandably, you can come across mail order brides of different status. For some, it’s important to get financial stability with the foreign husband. Others are eager to have an international marriage. Some are just going after the dreams and hope that their dreams will come true on the dating venues.

Still there are some general expectations towards foreign men and particular lifestyles that attracts Russian women to the Westerners.

Western men are gentlemen

Lots of Russian women encounter disrespectful behaviour from the local men. Sometimes they are not treated equally or suffer from domestic violence. Some women, unfortunately, meet men who don’t want to work and support the family, but put all responsibilities on the wife’s shoulders.

Therefore, Russian women expect their foreign husbands to be polite and respectful. In other words, act like a gentleman. Brides enjoy receiving nice small gifts and appreciate good manners from men, so open the doors before your lady and walk her home.

Foreign husbands are not afraid of responsibilities

Modern women want to share everything in their life with a partner, including family issues. It is quite disappointing for a women when her husband tells her to solve the problems on her own. From a foreign man, she expects support, care and involvement. She wants him to not be afraid of the responsibilities, such as raising kids together and taking care of the family.

Western men lead a healthy lifestyle

Unfortunately, alcoholism is a widespread issue in Russia. Women encounter many men who ruin their lives due to booze. Therefore, Russian wives are drawn to Western men who lead healthy lifestyles, go to the gym, do medical checks and take care of themselves in general. It is always pleasant to be with a partner who is as good-looking as you are.

Where to find Russian brides?

Mail order bride dating is the most convenient way to find a bride for today. Numerous venues offer modern features to establish healthy and happy relationships.

At first glance, it might seem that the dating venues don’t vary. However, the main difference between them is the brides that are hosted. So, before fully subscribing to the network, take some time to explore the galleries of brides.

Also, it’s recommended to read reviews and comments from users before selecting the venue. The information you get from these texts might give you useful insight into the performance of the mail order bride site.

Russian bride

At last, once you choose the dating service, start searching for the Russian mail order wives. The searching algorithm will match you with the most suitable candidates for you, and you can start chatting. After some time, you will understand whether you have something in common with the lady online or you want to continue searching.

You might find your bride the next day after registration or the next year. You can never know how long it will take you to fall in love with the person of your dreams. Nonetheless, there is no reason to give up and stop looking for the soulmate. Russian mail order brides are definitely worth all your efforts and time.

How to select the right website with brides?

Even though today you have lots of opportunities to meet brides online, still there are a couple of tips that will help you reach better results. The most important step you should make is to select the service that will suit you. Here is how to manage it.

Learn as much information as possible

Reviews, comments, feedback, word of mouth, advice from friends – use all opportunities to find the right venue. Before signing up to any network, discover as many facts about it as you can.

Thus, the review will reveal the practical details about the service. In the expert articles, you will read about the searching and chatting features, interface, the availability of mobile versions, customer support, etc.

Comments from users will give you more of an emotional insight about the service. From there, you can grab some info about the girls on the network as well as get some useful tips from success or failure stories.

Word of mouth is also a useful way to find the right dating service. Ask your friends around; what sites do they prefer to use? If you don’t have any friends interested in online dating, then ask for advice on forums or social media. People never recommend something they didn’t enjoy using, so you will definitely get the helpful info.

Check out the ratings

You know these rating, such as “Top 5 books you have to read this summer” or “Meet the best cafes in your neighbourhood”? There are similar ratings, concerning mail order bride dating sites. So search for the list of the finest dating services to meet Russian wives and read expert reviews and feedback on them.

Try using websites for free at first

Lots of Russian mail order bride sites offer trial versions. That way you can try the main features before signing up to the full membership. Check out the things that matter most to you: searching, talking, profiles, etc.

How to date Russian brides online?

Russian women for marriage are special. They are different from all the girls you will meet. They have particular expectations from men, which require you to act differently to attract them. Find some useful tips on Russian dating below.

Russian girl

Say compliments

It is said that Russian women ‘love with their ears’. They enjoy hearing romantic compliments about their appearance, the way they look and dress. They would gladly love hearing nice words about their positive traits and skills as well. Just remember to give your Russian girlfriend enough attention.

Surprise her

It is hard to surprise a girlfriend when you are in relationships on distance. Fortunately, mail order bride sites have convenient solutions for you. Thus, don’t hesitate the opportunity to order gifts delivery for the bride. You can send her flowers on a special occasion or just to make her smile. There are unlimited options of gifts for the partner on various holidays and ordinary days.

Be polite and respectful

They expect foreign men to be attentive and gentle, so don’t let them down. Listen to the stories they tell, share the experience together, notice the important things she tells you. But most importantly, don’t underestimate the feelings the girls are expressing to you. Sometimes you might find Russian women to be too emotional and see drama where there is none, but learn to respect all the feelings and emotions they have.

Also, russian women expect you to respect her interests and values. They are seeking support and understanding from men, so if you want to be with these beautiful ladies, you have to be able to provide it.

How much does it cost to buy a Russian bride?

A lot of men get confused with the name ‘mail order bride’ and think that they are actually buying a bride. However, it is not correct. You don’t pay a woman to be with you. All the connections that you have are mutual. If the bride doesn’t like you back, she doesn’t have to talk to you at all. Mail order bride dating is only about love and mutual feelings.

But there is still a price for being with a woman online – you have to pay for the membership on the venue. There are two options how you can become a user of a mail order bride site:

  • by buying a membership;
  • by using credits for communication.

The website chooses the preferable approach. Some websites require users to get paid memberships to enjoy all the benefits of the network. Others prefer credits – the virtual money you use to pay for the chatting tools. Credits are often available at packages so that you pay a particular sum of money and get a limited number of virtual money to use.

It’s hard to predict how much money you might spend on online dating. There are various factors that affect the amount of cash you will need. For instance:

  • how long you are going to need the website
  • what options you will use
  • how much the trip to your bride costs

We would recommend you to have from 1000$ to 5000$ at the beginning of the searching for a bride. The difference in cash seems huge. Why is it so? Mostly because there are various categories of the mail order bride sites:

  • Sites with free registration. Easy to enter, but you should pick them up carefully. Not all of them are trustworthy. Moreover, some are created for scamming.
  • Mid-level dating services. Membership starts from 10$ per month. You get all the most vital tools but might lack some exclusive features.
  • Top-rated venues. Be ready to spend at least 100$ per month on the memberships. These sites have everything you need.

You meet Russian mail order wives through dating agencies. The agencies have one goal before them – to match single men with stunning beauties and create healthy happy families. To reach the aim, they create galleries of Russian women. In other words, they encourage brides to join the particular agency and, in turn, help them with the profile pages, photos and explain how mail order dating works.

Russian woman smilling

This process is absolutely legitimate. Mail order bride sites are the aggregators, which host singles and helps them match. You pay for the access to the contact information of these women and the opportunity to talk to them.

What is the difference between traditional and mail order Russian dating

You match with the right person

The main benefit of using mail order bride dating sites is that you don’t have to travel half of the world to meet the woman of your life. You can get in touch with hundreds of special brides through the dating service and start talking. Moreover, you don’t pick the woman to speak to randomly, but you are matched with the partners, who are suitable for you. That way you are saving money and time getting useful results.

You have time to get to know each other

In online dating, partners take things slowly. You don’t rush into feelings and impulsive actions, but instead, you take time to get to know the person. You have time to check if you are suitable together before going onto the next level in the relationships.

You fulfil your dream

Mail order bride dating for now is one of the most convenient ways to meet the right partner. You invest time and money into the most precious thing in life – love. And if you always dreamt of finding love with the Russian beauty, there is finally a great chance to accomplish the goal. You don’t have to travel to the country or learn the language – modern services make the process of connection as comfortable as possible.

Users feedback

Simon, 37

Mail order bride dating changed the way I look at love now. It appears that if you know who you want to date, it’s possible to do that with minimum investments. Russian mail order bride dating matched me with stunning Oksana. We’ve been together for a year already, and I can surely say that it was the happiest year in my life.

I don’t know where I would be without mail order bride dating. Not only it matches you with the amazing bride, but it also teaches you some valuable points, such as to be patient, attentive and gentle even online.

Colin, 45

My grandparents emigrated from Russia, and they always told me lots about Russian culture, people, and even taught me the language. I always imagined myself marrying a decent Russian girl, because I feel the connection to this culture. Fortunately, mail order bride dating made it possible, and after some months of searching I met Lena.

We are staying in touch 24/7, and I haven’t felt so alive in years. I am already thinking of inviting her to meet me, but we haven’t discussed it yet. In any case, Lena has definitely changed my life for the better.

Stanley, 31

When I was younger, I had very serious relationships with a Russian girl. It was mad love, and our relationships taught me lots. When I got tired of being single, I understood that the happiest time I’ve ever had was with the Russian girl. So now I am actively searching for a Russian mail order bride.

Mail order bride sites helped me with my wish. After the comparison of various platforms, I finally found the one that suits me best. There, I started talking to several girls, and after some time I met Diana, with whom we perfectly get along. I feel like she is my soulmate. So, friends, I recommend mail order bride dating to everyone who is sure that Russian women are what he can handle well and with whom he can be happy.


Love is not for the chosen ones. It is for everyone who is ready to take risks and responsibilities. It is everywhere, but you have to put an effort to find it. Moreover, there are no limitations for love and relationships, except for being honest with one another.

Mail order bride sites are one of the tools to find love. It is an alternative way to meet soulmates from all over the world. If you are interested in Russian brides but have no opportunities to travel to the country, there are other ways. Become a member of the dating service and get one step closer to your dream come true.

Mail order bride dating requires from you some time and energy to become an expert in the field, but that is definitely the right investment. Once you figure out all the pros and cons, pitfalls and benefits, you can enjoy the dating to the fullest.

And who knows where your love will wait for you? She might be expecting a message from you right now or, perhaps, just like you, she is considering the idea of registering on the dating service. You never know how the new experience will turn out for you but it will be memorable in any case, won’t it?